1;1 Movement Training

Please note due to COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions will be video calls to support a decrease in cases.


If you want to revamp your relationship with movement, find a regimen that excites you, and start on the path to becoming your strongest self, read on. With a unique approach and custom plan, Erin will coach you towards breaking through barriers and accomplishing your goals. 

Where to meet? You decide! Erin works with clients out of a private fitness studio or via video calls (FaceTime or Zoom). Wherever you will feel most comfortable and motivated is where your training will start.

Trauma-Sensitive Movement

Please note due to COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions will be video calls to support a decrease in cases.

For some, just the idea of beginning a movement practice is the trigger for a tsunami of anxiety and upset. We can and we will do better than this shame storm, friend! This package is designed to help you get into the right head (and heart) space for becoming your best self.


We will use body-based self-regulation techniques to reactivate the ventral-vagal complex and create healthier breathing strategies. These mindful movements will promote a sense of safety and support in our bodies and facilitate conditions for healing so you can move forward with your strength practice.

Healing Through Boxing

Trauma is an unprocessed response to circumstances or an event. This response lives in our nervous system which is responsible for all other systems in our body. Traumas of any size can have implications that lead to actual injury and chronic pain. Combining talk-therapy with a somatic therapy helps to heal the physiological symptoms.

Learning the language of boxing allows us to reconnect with our bodies and encourage positive changes in our lives all while continuing to build confidence. Boxing create a sense of empowerment and safety within our bodies. 

Remote Programming

Are you feeling stuck in your movement practice? Do you have equipment laying around the house, but find that you never use it? Do you have a movement goal, but don't know where to start?

Personalized coaching with Erin will get to moving toward those goals. We work together with your equipment, availability, and goals to create a program that works best for you.