Routines, Intentions, + Gratitude

This summer has been full of reflecting, resetting, and restarting. Back in June, I did not feel well and was experiencing some health concerns that had me feeling drained. An older version of myself would have soldiered on through by ignoring my feelings and I would have ended the month injured. So, I listened to my body and felt all of the feels - even the ones that I would have rather ignored by going for a run. That meant, some days I slept a bunch, spent extra time with Cody, or put my face in a book.

As July rolled in, my energy was bouncing back. I was beginning to feel better and moving my body more. Sometimes that movement was walks with Cody. Sometimes it was rocking, rolling, and breathing. Sometimes it was boxing. And sometimes it was swinging a kettlebell. I've learned that giving myself different opportunities to be flexible with how I move my body keeps me healthier and injury-free.

And as July came to a close, I knew it was time to get back to three things that help me stay focused on my goals. So, I established a morning and evening routine that made sense for me. Within the morning routine, one of my steps is setting a daily intention. And each day concludes with a practice of gratitude.

These strategies are still a work in progress for me. I've noticed that when I follow my morning routine completely, my entire day is smoother - I get to complete everything that I set out to accomplish that day. Similarly, when I wrap up each day with my evening routine, I sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

On the flip side, if I skip setting an intention or tell myself that there's no time for meditation in the morning, my head usually feel scattered by mid-day, anxious feelings roll in, and then the overwhelming desire to take a nap comes tiptoeing behind me. All of this makes it so much harder to remain focused and meet my daily goals.

Establishing Routines. These routines listed below work for me. Please know that my routine may not be your routine. It's possible that they are the same, but unless our goals are similar, your routine is probably going to look differently than mine.

Morning Routine:


Water +Coffee, then Poop (TMI, but it's an essential component of my morning.)

Walk + Feed Cody


Set Daily Intention

Eat Breakfast

Evening Routine:

Read a Book



Face + Floss

Meditation + Legs Up the Wall

When I reset my routines, I wrote them down on an index card so they're visible to me each morning and evening. Adding "face + floss," reminds me of the importance of washing my face and flossing my teeth - two things that I'll skip if I tell myself I'm too tired.

We are responsible for our day. For those of you with kids, a partner, a dog, cat, or a pet pig that really, really, really need you, lean in close...

You cannot support the people around you and their needs unless you put yourself first.

And if you have other humans running around your home, it might be a good idea for everyone to have routines to kick start the day and wrap it up in the evening. (If you have any routines that work for your family, shoot them into the comments below.)

Setting Daily Intentions. The reason that I started writing down a daily intention is so that I am deciding how I want my day to feel. As I look at each day in the morning, I spend five to ten minutes in meditation. At the conclusion of the meditation, my decision for my intention is clear.

For me, my intentions have been full sentences that describe how my energy will be used that day. Using a word or phrase or quote also can serve as your daily intention.

When something in my day tried to hijack me, I'm much more likely to stay focused on my goal if I have my intention in the forefront of my mind and written down in my journal.

Practicing Gratitude. In the same journal that holds my daily intentions, I take five minutes each night to practice gratitude. Sometimes I'm grateful for simple things like having a cold brew ready for me in the fridge. Other times my gratitude extends to a deeper level where I'm grateful for remaining calm in emotionally charged situations.

If you don't keep a journal, you could list your gratitude in the notes section of your phone, send it in an email to yourself, sing about it on your back porch. Find something that works for you and you'll be much more likely to keep up with the practice.

At the end of each week, as part of my weekly check-in with myself in regards to my goals, I reflect back on my daily routines, intentions, and look back at what makes me feel so grateful.

I'd love to learn about your routines, intentions, and gratitude practice. Pop over to Instagram or Facebook, or comment below to join the conversation.

Lastly, if you're interested in diving deeper into your goal setting and learning more about how routines, intentions, and the practice of gratitude can keep you moving toward your goals, sign up for the Quarterly Goal Setting Course that kicks off on August 26th.

Hugs + High-Fives,


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