Moving During Uncertain Times

Hello Strength Squad!

The concern over the spread of COVID-19 can leave us feeling anxious, which is a totally normal response. Continuing to take care of yourself during this time will help you to feel grounded and safe. Here are some options that will allow you to feel calm, strong, and supported over the next several weeks.


The health and safety of my clients and our community is a top priority for me. Over the weekend, the studio was deep cleaned. I also purchased Lysol wipes to be used by all clients. Additionally, Mac's Ozone will provide electrostatic sanitizing on Thursday afternoon. Learn more about electrostatic disinfecting here.


If you would like to continue training in person:

Late cancellation policy is waived. If you decide at any point prior to your session that you are sick or uncertain about training in person, your session will be credited back to your package - no questions asked.I'm open to training outside.

On Monday, I have a session scheduled for Folly Beach. If you aren't suffering from the pollen explosion and would like an outdoor option, please contact me.

All sessions will be 50 minutes to allow for proper cleaning between clients.

I will keep the studio door open as much as possible to limit touching the door handle.

No-Touch Policy is in effect! All of the smiles and cheering are allowed. Remaining a 5-6 foot distance away from each other is also encouraged.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds when you arrive and again before you leave.

If possible, please bring a yoga mat from home to avoid unnecessary contact with the floor. (Crawling will be limited to the mat.)

Please wipe down all equipment after use and place wipes in trash can.

Please bring only essentials into gym and place in the cubbies, which will be wiped after each client leaves.

If you feel sick or someone that you live with or have been around is sick, please stay home.

Boxers: Your sessions will either be footwork-focused without touching the bag or switched to strength sessions.


If you choose to stay out of the gym:

All session packages will be extended as long as necessary.

If you'd like to continue with your personal sessions, we can use Zoom to train in real time, yet remotely. 

Online training is now available:

Using the True Coach app, personalized sessions are available for you based on the equipment and space that you have. Video tutorial as well as written descriptions of exercises are loaded into your workouts to make sure that you are confident during your sessions. You can send videos to me for form checks and track your reps, sets, and resistance. 

To opt in on remote training, click here for all of the details.

Please stay connected via Instagram and Facebook. I'll be posting workouts that use minimal to no equipment so that you can get in some movement each day. Additionally, stay tuned in for strategies to help alleviate anxiety that can benefit not only you, but those that you are hunkering down with over the next few weeks.

Taking care of yourself - mind, body, and soul, is so important every day, but even more so during an uncertain time. Get adequate sleep. Shut down from the constant news stream and social media two hours before bed. Stay hydrated. Eat well. Check in with your breath. And move your body.

Let's do our best to take care of ourselves and our community. If you have any questions or concerns or need support please let me know.

Hugs + High-Fives,


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