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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

My mood during and after a spin class.

On April 11th, I went for my final post hip scope appointment with Dr. Weeks at OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, North Carolina. This meeting was a big one. Mostly because I was getting cleared for activities! (Insert excitement here!)

My hip was stronger than ever and I felt like a serious badass.

So, when I was cleared for essentially everything, I was on top of the damn world. My homework was to keep my glutes strong in order to avoid a complete hip replacement. (Please note: I still can’t run for anything longer than short intervals. Back squats are not my friend. And I’ve had to make MANY modifications to protect my hip.)

Even with all of my hard work and rebuilt strength, I was missing the endorphin rush I felt after a really long run. I’ve always been a cardio junkie and strength training was my side chick. I was feeling like the tide had turned - but I was desperately missing getting my heart pumping.

So what’s a former runner to do?

Try a spin class, of course!!

One week after my medical clearance, I entered through the doors of CHS Rev for my first ride. My anxious brain wanted me to be nervous, but if I’ve learned anything from the lessons of Mel Robbins, it’s that our bodies are reacting the same way when we’re nervous as when we’re excited.

I chose not to vomit.

I chose to feel excited.

You can vomit from excitement, but this is not one of those times.

During my first ride, I couldn’t find the beat to save my life - a little disheartening for my inner dancer.

During my second ride, I was really going for it on an upper body move (I can’t even describe what the heck we were doing - well, I can’t describe what I was trying to do) and true to Lingle form, I came unclipped from my pedal. This little snafu resulted in a bruise that took over my entire calf. Yay.

During my third ride, I found the beat. Stayed clipped in the entire time. And embraced every freaking time Gina cranked the resistance up on my bike.

Learning About Balance One day after a challenging ride, much to my surprise, I felt that “runner’s high” that I had been missing for so many months.

After a little reflection, I realized the deeper reason why I was falling in love with spin. Throughout my twenties, I was either working, running, going out to dance, or drinking way too much.

My life was completely out of balance.

I was living to the extreme of either very focused and professional at work OR a total party animal OR a complete exercise freak.

As I entered my thirties, my partying slowed down, my running mileage leveled out, and I started to realize my need for better balance.

Then...I kept getting injured.

Then...I had a panic attack.

Then...I overworked myself again.

And then...I began to find balance in ways that I’d never anticipated.

I defined boundaries within my professional life.

I learned to train my body without causing injury.

I realized how much I missed dancing and running.

Fortunately, spin class provided a healthy replacement to my nights spent drinking and dancing as well as an alternative for running.

Balance also means that I don’t become obsessive with spin.

My commitment is one day a week, on Sundays. It’s something that I’m dedicated to and look forward to all week.

Why I Spin #1. The Lighting. It makes me feel like I’m in a club in my twenties minus the tequila shots and subsequent hangover. Though throwing up could still be an option depending on your exertion.

#2. The Music. I’m not as cool as I once thought I was, so when I’m taking class and envision dancing to the music, it brings me back to when, you know, I was “cool.” I actually have a favorite playlist that I listen to more than I’d care to admit.

#3. The Sweat. It takes approximately 15 minutes into a 60-minute class for sweat to take over every inch of my being. One of my favorite ways to release stress is by getting in a hard sweat. Mission accomplished.

#4. Most Importantly, The Coaches. When leaving every single class, I say, “Damn, Gina.” (Twenty Points if you get that old ass reference). The playlists are always on point- and let’s be honest, if you have a good beat, you can push just a little bit harder. The coaches push you past the mental barriers that try to tell you that you can’t add any more resistance or dig any deeper.

You'll find me hiding to the right of that pillar in Seat 25!

And Let’s Spin!

Have you tried a spin class? I’d love to learn what you love about it.

Have you ever wanted to? Do you need a spin class buddy to get you going? Email me! I’ll go with you! Seriously! Even if it’s not on a Sunday!

If you happen to be looking for me on a Sunday morning, you can find me at CHS Rev at 9:30am!

I promise you’ll never have a better, more exhilarating sweat session in your life! And you can even brunch after!

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