Client Spotlight: Jessica Byrd Ivey

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Jessica is one bad ass magical unicorn.

I’m so excited for you to get to know Jessica Byrd Ivey in this week’s CLIENT SPOTLIGHT!

Once a month, one of our Lingle Fitness clients gets to bask in the spotlight!

Jessica began training with me about a year ago. We’ve had workout adventures in parks, in her garage (with her sweet beagle Pinto in tow, serenading us), to sweating it out at Exemplar Fitness.

She loves a challenge as...long as it doesn’t include running.

And somehow, we’ve had more than one session where we played detective -

“Why did that guy just dump his 24-pack of Bud in the trash?”

“Do you think that Terminex dude always sits in the parking lot between appointments?”

One time, we spent nearly an entire session chasing a lost dog around a neighborhood!

I promise that I didn’t let the dog loose in an attempt to trick Jessica into running...maybe...I didn’t, I should have...but, I didn’ seriously, I promise, I didn’t…


Let’s learn more about Jessica in her own words below!

Are you a Charleston native? If not what brought you to Charleston?

“I moved here in 1995 for college and never left.”

If you had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of your days, which one would you choose?

“This one is hard. We have such great restaurants, and I go to specific ones for specific dishes. There is not one dish I would eat for the end of days...except hotdogs! But I like the nasty ones from the grocery store. Sorry Erin. You know I eat healthy for the most part. But, maybe Leon’s Oyster Shop. They have great salads, and I definitely absolutely could eat oysters everyday. Only problem is their wine pour is not a heavy as I would like...just sayin’.

What’s your favorite place in Charleston and what makes it so special?

“Not exactly in Charleston, but Edisto Beach. My family and I spend a week there every summer. Marsh poppin’ cart ridin’..shrimp eatin’.. card playin’. All the good stuff!”

What’s your favorite way to incorporate movement into your day?

“Riding my bike...anything beats that assault bike. But, I love riding the Greenway.”

How did you hear about Lingle Fitness?

“I met Erin years ago, so one fine day I just rang her up.”

How many days a week do you train with Erin?

“I would love to do 4 or 5 but my schedule only allows two. I did recently join Exemplar and I try to get in Sunday on my own.”

What’s your favorite exercise and why?

“Ball Slams!!! Maybe I need to work off some aggression?”

What’s your least favorite exercise and why?

“The Assault Bike...everyone knows why!”

What are your fitness goals?

“To improve and maintain my fitness, my overall health, and look good in dem jeans.”

Have you accomplished any of these goals? If so, how did you do it?

“I definitely have. If I keep a consistent training schedule, I look and feel great. I have always hated my arms. Now I sport off my guns.”

Are you a morning person or a night owl?


What’s the best part of your day and why?

“Seeing Erin. No lie. And coming home to my dog, Pinto.”

What songs or artists get you pumped up?

“Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger and The Wild Boys - Duran Duran”

Check out the playlist inspired by these songs.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled and what made it so cool?

“The San Juan Islands in Washington State. I saw orcas!!”

What’s the quote that defines your life?

“‘Sometimes a little camel toe is sexy.’ ~me ‘Sometimes you just throw up.’ ~Erin (Not in the same session...well maybe)”

Any final thoughts to share with your fans?

“Training with Erin has truly changed my life. I won’t live another day without incorporating some type of movement into it. I owe that all to her.”

Interested in talking about getting stronger, how many calories Jessica can burn on the assault bike in a minute, or how to not throw up during a workout? Hit me up. I’d love to talk with you!

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