Client Spotlight: Diana Vincent

Diana's dedication to her health is so inspiring.

My favorite part of this blog writing experience is the monthly client spotlight. I adore every single one of the people that choose to train with me. This month you're meeting the fabulous Diana Vincent.

A little over a year ago, Diana was gifted training sessions as her birthday gift from her daughter. We began training at Hampton Park, which was perfectly fitting because Diana loves being outside. This past spring, we moved things to Medway Park in Riverland Terrace.

Diana's focus was to increase her strength for surfing and to be able keep up with her granddaughters.

When Diana started training with me, we trained once a week and developed a home practice for her that she's still doing to this day! In addition to strength training, she surfs, practices yoga, actively gardens (read more about that below), and runs around upstate New York with her two granddaughters.

Please give a warm internet welcome to Diana and read on for all the details of her fitness journey, favorites things, and how her granddaughters keep her active!

Surf's Up!

Are you a Charleston native? If not what brought you to Charleston?

"Born and raised and university education in south Louisiana. I came to Charleston via Pittsburgh and UPMC to do medical research at MUSC."

If you had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of your days, which one would you choose?

"Impossible. Too many good ones and I am constantly curious about new tastes and cuisines. I need variety."

The struggle is real when picking a favorite in Charleston. Have a suggestion for Diana? - Leave it in the comments below.

What’s your favorite place in Charleston and what makes it so special?

"Folly Beach. And Folly Beach, that is ; Folly is a unique bit of paradise from the ocean and surfing to the unique character (and characters) of the island."

What’s your favorite way to incorporate movement into your day?

"Put on loud music (Blues, rock, Zydeco) and dance around the house as well as yard work. Actually, I turn most daily activities into a workout - lifting granddaughters (hold in that core) especially with the 40 pounder, my neighbors must wonder as I do lunges across my yard with the water can as my kettlebell, putting up clean dishes on lower shelves is an opportunity for squats; I rake/sweep rather than use a leaf blower (noisy noisy) switching sides to give both arms an equal work out and of course squats to pick up the piles and put into the wheelbarrow ... my crazy exercise list is limitless"

All. of. this. Diana inspires me to be more active throughout my day. Dancing around the house is one of my favorite ways to get moving! What's yours?

How did you hear about Lingle Fitness?

"Through my surf buddies, I have the privilege of surfing with Erin's husband."

Our friend, Dave connected us and I am so grateful for every moment with Diana!

How many days a week do you train with Erin?

"Sadly only one."

But it's an amazing session - Diana is always ready to work!

What do you do for work and how do you fit your personal training sessions into your schedule?

"Photography, pastels and consult in film industry. Schedule? Mine is an erratic lifestyle and I constantly juggle to fit Erin in once a week or every other week along with yoga once or twice a week. I always feel so much better after my sessions with Erin that not fitting in time with her is not an option."

Check out Diana's work here. She's an amazing artist!

What’s your favorite exercise and why?

"Slam the medicine ball because I feel like I am a kid, mindless and happy."

The med ball is a staple of Diana's workouts. I think she would keep slamming that ball all day if I didn't stop her...

What’s your least favorite exercise and why?

"LUNGES!! They are hard and hurt and I really have to think about them for proper alignment."

Between the assault bike and lunges - it's a battle for which one is more despised. Fortunately, lunges are really good for you, so we keep doing them!

What are your fitness goals?

"To build the upper body and core strength necessary to be a good surfer while maintaining the flexibility to continue my yoga practice."

Have you accomplished any of these goals? If so, how did you do it?

"My surfing has noticeably improved. When working with Erin, out on my own, or at yoga I concentrate on the core and upper body. I surf as often as I can."

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

"Yes :)"

This answer doesn't surprise me. Go. To. Sleep.

What’s the best part of your day and why?

"Any time I get to walk on the beach or be in the ocean. Why? - I am at peace."

What songs or artists get you pumped up?

“The Eurythmics, Outkast, and of course "Pump it Up" by Elvis Costello"

Check out this weeks playlist inspired by these songs!

Diana trains for life - surfing, yoga, and picking up those cute grandbabies.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled and what made it so cool?

"China. To go to those places most people only read about - such as, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and to understand enough Chinese to be able to answer "Are you from America?" when I was alone in a garden over 20 years ago. Japan is right there too for more spiritual reasons."

What’s the quote that defines your life?

"'Deserve's got nothing to do with it' Clint Eastwood, "Unforgiven""

Any final thoughts to share with your fans?

"My journey with Erin started with a birthday gift from my daughter. What a wonderful gift!"

If you're looking for to develop a home practice or want to know how many ball slams Diana did during her last workout? Hit me up. I’d love to talk with you!

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