Client Spotlight: Christophe Drumain

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Meet Christophe: Focusesd, Funny, French, and Fabulous

I’m so excited for you to get to know Christophe Drumain in this week’s post!Once a month, a Lingle Fitness client gets to bask in the spotlight!

My clients have different goals and they bring focus and dedication to every single session. This particular client has recently taken his workouts to a whole new level! Read on to learn more about him and his training!

The title of this post could be more aptly named “How Christophe Got His Balance Back.” Christophe is a partner and lead design architect at Design Works. He brings an hilariously infectious energy that is shared throughout his workout and spreads to everyone he interacts with at Exemplar Fitness.

Christophe and I have known each other since 2013, when I was his roommate. (The stories that could be shared from that experience require a glass of wine or seven.) So, when he expressed interest in training with me, I was more than ready for the challenge!

When we met to learn about his goals, he provided a fairly extensive list of prior injuries and ailments that needed to be addressed from day one.

His progress has been an incredible journey over the past five months and I’m so proud of his accomplishments so far, and we’re just getting started!

I asked Christophe to answer a few questions, so his fan club can get to know him better.

It’s probably best to grab a glass of wine, preferably French, before you read on.

I’ll wait...

Are you a Charleston native? If not what brought you to Charleston? “I’m French - oh la la. And came to Charleston for family and work.”

Christophe came to the US in 1991 to attend Harvard, then found his way to Charleston in 1993. He is a partner and lead design architect with Design Works.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Charleston? Wild Olive !” His favorite dish is the octopus or any of the fish specials.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate movement into your day? "Getting coffee at Muddy Waters in the morning and City Lights for that afternoon pick-me-up. :)”

How did you hear about Lingle Fitness? “You were my roommate; or don’t you remember?”

(Erin’s Note: It’s this sarcastic humor that I get to appreciate during every session.)

How many days a week do you train with Erin? “Too many… it’s so painful. Just kidding.” Christophe started with three one-hour sessions per week. He’s recently added two 30-minute sessions in addition to those three.

Can we say “dedicated?”

How do you say that in French?

What’s your favorite exercise and why? “The box because I’m getting better at it.”

Christophe has built up his leg strength which has allowed him to progress from stepping on and off a 6-inch box with difficulty to moving on and off the box in different directions with a significantly taller box.

What’s your least favorite exercise and why? “Anything with planks and mini-bands. It’s sadistic if you really want to know.” (Erin’s Note: He’s being dramatic and really loves planks. Doesn’t everyone?)

What are your fitness goals? “Knee repair. Flexibility. General Fitness and Strength. Losing Weight. Looking Marvelous.”

Are you a morning person or a night owl? “Becoming a morning person with age.” Christophe and I spend five of our seven mornings together. He comes into that gym full of energy and ready to work every day. #morningperson

What’s the best part of your day and why? “When I leave the gym, because it’s over!!! But mainly because I feel relaxed and pain-free in my knees.”

What songs or artists get you pumped up? “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls His answer inspired a new playlist - Check it out.

What’s your favorite spot in Charleston and why is it so special to you? “My house because it’s all mine.” As his former roommate, I can attest that his home is beautiful.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled and what made it so cool? “Turkey because of all of the beauty - land, people, and culture.”

What’s the quote that defines your life? “Veni - Vidi - Vinci - Vino. I came - I saw - I conquered - I drank.” Caesar with some Christophe flavor

Any final thoughts to share with your fans? “‘Pourvu que ca dure,’ said by Napoleon’s mother when she saw him crowned. "Hopefully it will continue.”

Interested in talking about getting stronger, the funniest thing Christophe said during a workout, or how much coffee I drink before training him? Hit me up via email. I’d love to talk with you!

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